Monday, April 12, 2004

i want to get to know the real you... the real Hieu....

the puzzled look... the furrowed forehead... the squinted eyes that extended their reach to grasp... what i believe was referred to as the real me. so where are you from again? how do you get by on such little sleep?! how many organizations do you do work for?

i answered as best i could, mentally reading from the second page of my resume, skipping the stuff that makes me sound overly raised-by-asian-parents-like. and then there was the *question*. the one that makes me sigh when i answer, because i know it requires me to go into even more detail about my *fascinating* life.

now how old are you again?

why do they say "again" when they never asked the first time? anyway, i answered. then there was the gasp, the raised eyebrow, the refurrowing of the forehead... and the most surpriseing question that no one has asked... until now....

your parents didn't disown you?!

heee. eeeeeh oh dear. well of course not. they love all creatures bestowed to them via childbirth... even the little monster that didn't finish college on her first try and left home to pursue a life on her own and still isn't married. they love me, that isn't to say they didn't shower me with guilt trips about my future. they were damn good parents.. and damn good parents don't disown their kids.

wow. that's amazing

nnnno. no really it isn't.

the line of questioning continues with the relationship between me and my parents, my current status as a self-propelled multitasking homework ninja, and my future plans. as 'amazing' as it may have sounded, i somehow ended up an hour and fifteen minutes later singing Beck's line "I'm a loser baby so why don't you kill me, double barrel buckshot".

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