Friday, April 16, 2004

How not to advertise for your organization

I would classify this post under "bitching"... so if you've had a good day so far, don't bother.

We are going through the "officer election" time of the year again. It's a little late, and I would have liked to have done it earlier, but there were issues. Anyway, I would think that in advertising the coolness that is being an officer, one, as an officer, does not spout off drogatory flashes of wisdom such as: "i spend 3 hours on these things and no one f***'in reads them" because you know, it doesn't make me want to spend my time to be an officer. Asking everyone present to just sign up for an office because they will get one anyway is also not a good idea. For God sakes we're not trying to dispense with the GirlScout cookies.

The person with the beautiful wisdom brought it to my attention that it is perceived that I may be unthinkingly judgemental and place my loyalties in areas that best suit me. If I cared, I may find it insulting, but I don't. In fact I took the time to clarify my position: I support anyone who is willing to give their all and work as hard if not harder than I have to make this organization work. Everyone in my eyes deserves a chance and everyone does until they've proved themselves severely wrong. Take for instance, said person of wisdom was nominated and awarded a prestigious award... one I recieved a year before... I find out not 10 minutes later that they had in fact NOT done the job they were assigned and our organization was not awarded an a award I worked very hard for us to achieve. In a nutshell, I gave my endorsement and even blindly suggested said person deserved an award when their simple task was not even completed.

Now I've been young before. I know exactly what it is like to be in that kind of position. I've been faced with my fair share of setbacks. But I took the consequences like everyone should, with a straightface, and without a tear.

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