Wednesday, April 7, 2004

going crazy in the middle of the night

.... when the half full coffee decanter on the edge of your table at iHop starts singing to you.. telling you "you knoooow you want to mooove me"... it's time to go home and sleep...

i carted my cool new proDigy, theKracker, through a meeting, a Barnes&Nobel, a coffeeshop, and an iHop to do his Calculus and my Thermo. a tough cookie this one, showed no signs of fatigue. he was gracious enough not to beg to be taken home after i spilled a lattee on him and his books and his eraser. and he was gracious enough to point out that i was in fact losing it.. or tripping.. whatever it is when the coffee decanter starts singing to you.

anger point of the day: since i lost power yesterday, i had to reset clock and alarm. and my dumb ass didn't check the stupid am/pm setting.. needless to say, i missed class. mudda-chucka.

good point of the day: i finally got rid of my old laptop.. in trade for two of this guy's babies.

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