Sunday, April 4, 2004

a collection of 3am thoughts

my cute little cell phone is now about 3 years old, or something tragic like that. it's dying from being flipped one too many times and should be retired. i will miss it and how it fit so nicely in my little purse. it'll be a good way for me to get rid of those numbers i never call. plus this new phone has lights. i like lights.

i've been having strange dreams lately. this morning i woke up to one where i was sitting on a couch and this guy i know, a freshman, climbed over the back of the couch and slid behind me in a cute "hey bebe, how you doin" sort of way.

lately, i've been having dreams about the cute guy in my department, but i generally don't remember them at all, just that he's in them.

i wonder if that lady that was screaming earlier tonight is okay. some lady was screaming or crying really loud and a car was honking.. it sounded as if she was being dragged.. either some drunk person hit her or someone broke up with her and was trying to hold on in that way hurt drunk significant others do.

green tea and honey is excellent tea by celestial seasonings.

med student guy called and we talked some. came around to the subject of astrological signs, of which i know nothing about. he had me guess what he was and i got it right... it was an odd moment, too. it was one of those things that 'came to me' in that weird way that things come to people.

i just lost an hour. crap.

Vivi's calling me to join him in bed. good night ya'll.

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