Saturday, April 3, 2004

another week gone by

thank you to everyone that wished me well. i'm still recovering but i'm doing much better. now, if i can only catch up with the homeworks and quizzes before they hand out the "projects"!

the semester is coming to an end, and i have secured exactly zero grades. in most of my classes i have exactly 60% of my grade left to make up. in one of them, i'll probably need a miracle. i talked to my daddy today, he's been good at reminding me he went through a similar hell while he was in school - being sick among other things. gotta love the daddy.

so some of the good things this week: scholarship applications look good. letters of recomendation are typed and transcrips are sealed. couple of companies expressed interest in having me apply for positions with them. i found a phone to replace my flip phone which has been flipped way more than it was probably designed to be flipped. my good deed was done: i left a nice study break package at the door step of an unsuspecting college student. and i'm looking at adopting a new aminal (crossing fingers). i found that caring for my fish and kitty keep calm me down. i'd have a garden instead if i had a patio to keep it on.

my saturday is half way gone, and i've not done too much in the way of school work. so i'm gonna get back to that.

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