Saturday, March 6, 2004

"do you think i'm cute?"

i actually heard that line today.

in fact it was a question that someone asked me.

the last time i heard that question was in mr. shannon's 5th grade class and it was the year of the jelly bracelets.

so i'm thinking, wow, a grown man is asking me if i think he's cute. well ofcourse i'm going to say he's cute. he's cute. he's a wee bit on the silly side for being actually older than me, but he's cute. i wonder if he thought i was cute. i mean why ask me if i wasn't cute right? yeah i'm cute. 8.1 on the hotornot scale. not the hottest, but definitely cute. i digress

so who is this guy?

a med student my dr. sent in to check on me. cute huh? yeah. that's what i thought.

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