Thursday, March 18, 2004

What the Hell

I'm not all that unpleasant to look at. I'm funny - sometimes unintentionally. My voice has yet to shatter eardrums or cause anyone to cringe at the sound of me saying "hi". I can be classified as exotic. I dress well, I smell nice, I do my hair on occassion. I'm educated, I do well in my classes, I go to my classes. I'm a mechanical engineering major, not an easy major by any means. I want to do great things with my life. I want to travel a lot, go snowboarding, sking, fishing, hiking, camping, all sorts of stuff outdoors and in the sun. I do laundry, dishes, vaccume, fold clothes, hang clothes, just about anything a guy could need a girl to do. I cook, I shop, I shop even better when it's not for me. I look good in suit, in a dress, in cut-off jeans, in a bikini. I come from a good family. I give great back rubs, foot rubs, scalp massages. My x-rated skills aren't so bad either. I'm tolerant of just about any bad habit a guy could have... So what is it.. what the hell.. why can't I find someone to appreciate me for me?!

Instead, I'm surrounded by medicated ya-loos, potsmoking couch warmers, drug dealers, and test drivers from the john deer tractor factory. Their mouths are leaking tobacco and spittle which are usually followed by twisted words that somehow are suppose to resemble spoken english. Some of them reek of cheap marijuana and Axe body spray. Some of them reek of cheep marijuana, marlboro reds and Axe body spray. They're either wearing a hunting jacket, the same fleece shirt they wear everyday, or a t-shirt they got free at a bar. A good 98% of them are topped with the dirtiest baseball caps you have ever seen. To the point that the front ends of them are frayed and the part that covers their head looks as if it was used to wipe their asses.

So among these wonderful candidates for a dinner partner, can I not find just one?? No really, just one.

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