Wednesday, March 3, 2004

The Stuff Good Days are Made of

Good days are made up of moments when you find out that your next test wasn't today, but infact not until after spring break. They're made up of bid-sniping goodness when your buddy wins a bike on ebay. It also helps to get an email from a professor who says that there's no homework and the next test is pushed back a couple of days. Good days are made of up little instances when you realize your prayers were answered and you get to see your bestest friends looking better than they were last semester. Good days are as good as icecream in a waffle bowl that's way too big for your tummy but you eat it anyway. Good days are auspicious.

Good days end well when you realize you can sleep for hours on end and wake up before you alarmclock. They start out well when you wake up to a purring face or a picture of people who love you. Good days rock.

I hope you're having good days.

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