Friday, March 5, 2004

my campus is not hot

A couple of semesters ago, PDitty sent me a link to a set of photos from the guys at her school. The link no longer exists or I would post it. These guys are quite hot. We're talking MTV Spring Break Special hot. Yeah. Hot. So I sent her a recently snapped picture of some of the guys in my dept. The file was a little too large for her mailbox, so there was some lag time before I got the response. Here's the conversation:

PDitty: but they're not good looking

me: these are the guys we have at Tech.

PDitty: i think you only picked the rotton apples out of the bunch

me: so none of those guys in there are hot

PDitty: that was a waste of webmail space

me: dood that's harsh

PDitty: well not like their ugly

PDitty: it just wasnt that pleasant

PDitty: no one was really very pleasant

so i'm not going to post that picture either. yeah. better for everyone involved.

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