Thursday, March 18, 2004

Giuseppie Baby

I talked to A today. He told me Joey (Giuseppie, Fat Joe, Stinky Joe, Greasy Monkey, Pee Machine) had passed on. He apparently ran away one night after the move.. and didn't want to come home. Couple of weeks later, A found him.... or someone like him.... on the side of the road. Baby Joey was born outdoors, lived outdoors for a few months before he adopted us. He'd hear our front door open and bound up the stairs to beg for food, or ask us to smell his latest poopie masterpiece. Once we decided we had to take him in, we started trying to find him a good home, but his greasy goodness and the way he'd hide in my arms when we went for car rides made us love him more and we kept him. He got so chunky he'd have to sleep propped up against the wall or the couch. He had the cutest wifebeater, boxer, socks combination ever. We'll he's gone now. Hopefully somewhere nice where others can appreciate his greasiness.

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