Wednesday, March 3, 2004

The Epic Struggle That Is My Day

Each day is mostly a series of negotiations between the seemingy rational and definitely irrational halves of gray matter that fills in my skull. Today, for instance, there were negotiations regarding class attendance. Rational Hu gray matter says: "you paid for it you should go". Irrational Hu gray matter says: "you don't want to spread SARS now do you?, besides you could sleep - it's not like you'll retain anything anyway". The more popular negotiations have to do with sleep, Rational Hu: "Sleep is for the weak". Irrational Hu: "You have to sleep sometime, and right now it's really nice over here on this bed.. yeaah, that's right.. it's niiiice". Rational Hu: "You'll never wake up on time". Irrational Hu: "You'll wake up *wink*".

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