Wednesday, March 24, 2004

...check please

So let's say I'm sitting at my favorite exotic restaurant overlooking the lake and the beautiful sunset. I order my favorite duck dish and all the yummy sides. I order my favorite herbal flavored iced-tea and pre-order the Tiramisu so there's no unnecessary waiting between the duck and the dessert. Somewhere between the buttered snow peas and a slice of duck, my tummy decides to turn over and play dead. Gurggling sounds... pain... and I'm doubled over ready to spew out all the goodness and i'm not even half way done with the meal. In situations such as this... one is lucky enough to be able to box up the goodness and enjoy at a later date when the gastrointestinal ugliness has passed.

When it comes to school, yeah no, not so. It's half way through the semester, I missed the 2nd round of midterms thanks to "walking peenumonia".. which hopefully won't develop into a 2ndary bacterial infection that would land me a stay in the hospital for good. There's no taking home to enjoy at a later date, unfortunately. Oh no.. There's hurry up and work faster to catch up. Ahh is nothing ever easy for me?

Good point for today: Extremely hot guy gave up mine and my friend's usual table at the coffee shop so we could study. Yumm.

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