Thursday, February 5, 2004

Things that make me laugh

1) The shirt I saw on a chick at Subway. It read "Everybody is somebody in Lubbock".

2) The "oo" sound in the word "Butte"

3) People who think I will chauffer because I like to drive.

4) The words "coup d'├ętat".

5) My sister calling to tell me she split her pants dancing her big booty dance.

6) Seeing Dr. D all excited and worked up about something.

7) Dr. C saying I'm not at all like a Tiger

8) My friend who gonna let some skinny size 2-treadmill running-cotton ball eating-dexatrim poppin-nutjob tell her she's obese.

9) The telemundo commercial with two people having sex and a child frozen in the path of a moving semi.

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