Tuesday, February 10, 2004

That 4 letter word

In 4 days, Hallmark-America will celebrate this 4 letter word with colored confetti in shades of red and fluffy teddy bears strangled in red bow-ties and metric ass tons of chocolate covered anythings. All the "pretty people" will be surprised with dying flowers sustained in tubes filled with sugar water or infant creatures separated from their mothers, asphyxiate in red bow-ties, and stuffed in a cardboard box with holes.

Everyone else gets to sigh and say "oh how sweet" while inside they're really saying "go shove it up your ***" I've gotten my fair share of freshly severed flowers and stuffed bears, but they didn't have anything to do with that 4 letter word. Not that I wasn't grateful, oh I was. But it turned out that 4 letter word amounted to crap. Otherwise, I'd be giddy-giggly with the rest of Hallmark-America 4 days from now.

That 4 letter word, is hardly appreciated by the people who get to have it spoken to them. Even worse, many times the people who say it, really shouldn't be saying it.

This year, call up the people who raised you and made you the person you are today or send them a freshly potted plant. These are the people that told you that 4 letter word and meant it. Find that person who put up with your sorry-butt and listened to you whine day and night about the trivial goings on in your life and give them a hug. And that person who always found a way to come through and get you what you needed when you needed it, let them know you appreciate them. These are the people who share this 4 letter word with you, and they are the ones that deserve the goodies/chocolate/pretty plants. Stop doting over beeatches who complain everytime you'd rather hang out with your friends or those insensitive asses who make up excuses for not calling you back. For one, you deserve better and two, the people who are always there for you deserve better than to be ignored by you.

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