Monday, February 9, 2004

Shout out to H-Town and Mah Peeps

I spent the weekend attending a conference and board meeting in H-town. More importantly, I got to meet up with peeps I hadn't seen in years!! Sonia My Boo Queen of the Giggles and Judy 'n' Allen. Sonia, I learned, has been blessed with Olympic SpeedWalking feet -- she bolted through the Galleria for hours to help me find a dress appropriate for dinner. And I DO mean bolted. If she hadn't, it woulda taken us days - but besides the point. So I got to meet her huny-boo (giggle!). They both were setting me up with one of his friends - hence the need for a dress and not my usual camo pants and boots. Had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with them and JnA which was excellent of course! Must make mental note of the Raspberry Lemonade. Sunday I spent w/ JnA at their house and their two kitties. Making mental note of Judy's Lemonade. JnA spoiled me with DimSum and some REAL Sushi... it's good to be w/ family again. Oh soo good!!

side note: As for that setup date thing. Yeah. Well, apparently, either I'm butt ugly, too fat, or too odd to catch the eyes of a Baylor grad - or hell anybody for that matter. Eh. I lost nothing. He didn't even make it past numero 1 in my own version of "The List". Which by the way is: 1) must be 100% not asian.

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