Sunday, February 15, 2004

my night as a roll of charmin

Valentine's evening was spent with other mechies at dinner and then eventually at a bar across from campus. Like the good little lush that I am, I enjoyed my malibu and cokes, guinessess (guini?), and an irish carbomb on our sponsor's tab. And I held them down quite well. At one point during the night I was perched on a barstool and surrounded by six guys, one of which was so bold as to ask me several times to announce which one of them was my favorite. Another one made 'comments' about how I treat men based on his experience with his very own vietnamese girl. One guy kept giving me his hotel room number. Another guy, this one of military affiliation, seemingly lost all depth perception and kept leaning on my back. I eventually excused myself and found my way to a pool table that I cleared off pretty quick. DepthPerceptionDood followed me there and kept grabbing me..well my ass. Being as lady-like as I moved his hands aside and made my way around the bar to avoid him. He kept finding me, and he kept squeezing my ass. He musta spread the word because atleast two more guys came up to squeeze my ass. Aside from the ass squeezing, I kissed a girl (no tounge), drove home a lot of people including a very discombobulated ToSh, and made it home without having to give a fake phone number.

++: I did end up with a bouquet of flowers, thanks to ToSh.

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