Monday, February 23, 2004

le sigh

it was 3 am before i went to sleep last night. i told my self over and over: when you hear the alarm, you get out of bed. part of me knew it wasn't going to happen, no matter how hard i tried. i'm used to going to bed at 3 and getting up at 7. i did it all last semester and the semester before, but this morning was going to be different.

this morning, i heard the alarm. i turned over, stared at the picture of boy, moved it aside and made a mental note of the time. i hit the snooze once -just incase- and sat up waiting for my head to not be dizzy. i got up, took my shower, dried my hair got dressed and walked out the door on time. but while i was walking out to my car, i still heard my alarm clock. i forgot to turn it off, it was still on snooze.

for a split second i blinked, and i was staring at the picture of the boy. i moved it aside and it was 9:13. 13 minutes after class had started. i was still in bed, wrapped up in my blanket. craptacular. my mind's playing tricks on me.

i've been feeling seriously lethargic lately and i don't know why. i've also noticed that i'm losing large chunks of hair whenever i brush or shower. large balls of my hair are everywhere, by the sink, by my bed, by my desk....

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