Monday, February 9, 2004

It's all kinds of wrooong.

I go to a school where we make national headlines for losing the Black Plague and for hiring an intolerable masochist as a basketball coach. We made headlines again thanks to this coach who had a shouting match with our Chancellor in a public market which evidently poured out into the street shortly there after. Much to my chagrin, I didn't know it was national until I found myself in the middle of a discussion regarding this coach during breakfast at the conference I attended this weekend.

In any other part of the world, a person who would be so white-trash-red-necky enough to mouth off at a person far his superior deserves to be fired. But in a place as red-necky-all-american as this, the "General" as this coach is referred to, mearly gets a slap on the hand. Because the school wants to have him make us win more games. Because that's important.

More important than funding a Department that is severly underfunded.

The engineering students at Texas Tech are being taught out of books that no longer exist for them to purchase. Engineering classes are taught clear across campus in business buildings because we have no room for them here. In rare but oh so trying instances, we're "taught" by people we can't understand -- because we can't afford faculty that speak a comprehendible language. Engineering Alumni's donations are rerouted to other parts of campus other than engineering and students' fees are raised to force us to pay for sports events we don't have time to participate in because we're walking 3 miles between classes and translating our notes into english. I could go on, but it would depress me.

A good bit of the money I spend in tuition is going to the Center for Stupid Athletes, the new Stadium, and to pay a salary for the Crazy Coach to buy his highly fashionable camo-hunting jumpsuit he wears everywhere. This place doesn't realize that without it's paying students, it wouldn't exist. It's all about sports. And it's wrong. Many shades of wrong. I go to a school run by monkeys. Monkeys.

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