Saturday, February 28, 2004


i saw on another blog that i read nearly daily, that the writer wrote about her dad. it made me think of my daddy, and i started to miss him. i miss my daddy a lot. he would stay up late just about every night working. and i felt guilty going to bed before him, so i would stay up too, sometimes until 2 am even if i didn't have anything of my own to work on. daddy could make me stress out over little things like sleeping before midnight during summer vacation, missing a point or two on homework, or watching cartoons. The sound of the garage door opening or him coming down the stairs was enough to make my stomache turn and make me panic. It sounds horrible, but i miss my daddy being like that. Nowadays, he smiles and it's easy to make him laugh. I remind him of his scare tactics and how he made me stress, and he laughs and says it was for my own good.

Good Times.

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