Wednesday, February 18, 2004

crazy neighbor people

i woke up this morning to thumps on my wall as usual. and to be polite, i thumpped back. as i fell back to sleep i heard phone-yip-yap coming through the wall, the kind where the chick talks really loud and very matter-of-factly and you just know she's doing the sha-nay-nay head wiggle and finger swirl. this time it was something about angela and how she told my neighbor to do something that she apparently already did so it was obvious her efforts weren't appreciated. well then. i listened to this for a while, felt better about myself, then got up to put on clothes.

i never really know who lives next door. at one point, i had a bonified pimp and accused drug dealer. now i have crazy neigbor girls, on heroin. they have a baby next door, too. i've heard it cry through the walls. they all smoke, and at any given time, i've seen atleast 5 different chicks enter and leave as if they live there. they always slam the door when going in or out. and by slamming the door, i mean the water in my 75 gallon fish tank sloshes around.

no matter how crappy school will get for me. or how many times people will let me down, i will never find myself living like those people next door. thank you God.

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