Sunday, February 1, 2004

call me ''da googla''

Some how after a comment on handwritting, a nice discussion on the 'coolness' of the handwritten 'g' when written with the bubble stuff on the bottom instead of the traditional curly hook like the bottoms of y's and j's, etc turned into "I wanna call my self google". Yep, I believe I heard that right, 'cause when I looked over, SM was nodding his head to his "I wanna call myself google" statement. The soccerist formally known as SM is now OldSkoolG. This is his official Gradschool-now-you-have-a-name-like-Mooga-that-people-will-raise-eyebrows-at name. And the G stands for Google. This is what happens to people at 3am when surrounded by a large concentration of mathematic related texts.

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