Friday, January 23, 2004

welcome to tech

so SamBaMike point this out to me... i would like to make the appropriate ammendments:

regarding student life

“some of the wealthiest college students in the state of Texas,” “blonde-haired, blue-eyed, spending Daddy’s money, and smoking pot instead of going to classes. Most are from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. There are less superficial people as well, and they are easy to find, tucked away in the library or scurring to class, but on my initial visit to Tech all I could notice were the beautiful people, but then again, I didn't walk through the "Key" ”

More than a few characterize their classmates as “good ol’ boys and girls who have been brought up in a way that some find archaic. But it's tradition that they come here to be pretty and spit in their dip cans and reek of second hand smoke and copy homework 10 minutes before class.

regarding academic life

Students feel that Tech’s greatest strengths are in engineering, physics, agriculture, and architecture..... and that's because most of the courses are taught with out the aide of required textbooks and working computers in the lab! Amazing isn't it?

Professors here "are always willing to help a student outside of class." Unless ofcourse you didn't show up to class, then you better not show up during office hours. "I am able to find help whenever I need it, which is a real boon for students in the demanding science and engineering disciplines." - Read as: I can find copies of the solutions lying around in the computerlab, and there is always someone who has all the homework done so that I can copy it before class. “It’s only my sophomore year, and most of my classes are less than 25 students.” And they're the same people that were in this class last semester!

Students also enjoy a solid alumni network, as “alumni tend to be loyal and some become wealthy and powerful CEOs and businesspeople who are capable of giving back, which therefore strengthens the school in many ways.” Like a golf course instead of a building that we really need. But I guess it's okay, we can trott across campus in 10 minutes to make it to a class 4 miles away. That kind of walking will help us in our golf game.

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