Tuesday, January 27, 2004

things that make me smile

I finally returned "Half Baked" and "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" to my neighbor today. I can't believe it took me 4 days to watch O Brother, probaby because after 10 minutes of watching, I felt guilty and had to go back to homework. Anyway, whenever I stop by, my neighbor always gives me a yummy hug and we end up watching TV together and he involuntarily rubs my head. I like having my head rubbed. It makes me smile.

Today at dinner, me and a couple of friends were apparently "waiting" on someone else and their food, but I was hungry and asked if I could go ahead and start. They said sure... and when the taco hit my mouth, one of them yelled "Heathen!". That and we made fun of the Bobby Hill kid, and everyone cautiously refrained from bringing up the *other* part of the funny(which isn't so funny)... And that made me smile.

Another friend just shared with me a "what do you call an icicle that parties" joke, which I was sadly able to answer. Being reminded that I'm a nerd makes me smile.

When I walked out to my car today, a cute athlete walked out from the stadium, smiled at me and we exchanged "heeeeey, how you doin's"... That would make any girl smile.

And there's also something about coming home to voicemails from people who love you.. :-)

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