Monday, January 26, 2004

the reality of it is...

I started this blog when I first got here to Texas Tech. The end of this summer will mark my two year anniversary in this I call Buttocks, Texas. Depending on where you are in the town (and the time of year) it could also be called the 'handicap parking lot' of Texas, 'the set of waterworld', 'dip-spit can' of Texas, or 'cow-poo' town. My stay here has been full of it's ups and downs. I've made new friends, and found new candidates for the "Box of Stupid People" and "Pit of Useless Blowhards". I've been elected to way too many offices, and kicked out of bars. I've miraculously ended up with A's in classes, and by the grace of Mud have also pulled of two D's. I've had dinners with Presidents and Chairmen as well as head-medicated mental patients and washed up football players. So you see, every once in a while, the days here are spectacular, and a good bit of them are basically "craptastic by design". My stay here isn't ever going to be perfect, except that moment during which I walk across the stage to pick up a generic white envelope and drive off away from the sunset one last time. Between now and then I reserve the right to have bad days and want to die (note: not kill myself, just want to die.. there IS a difference).

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