Thursday, January 8, 2004

the liiiiiiine!!!

I had trouble finding the line earlier this evening. that elusive line on the opponent's side of the ping pong table... that and my tennis racket swinging hand decided the line was further than my eyeballs told my brain it was. the calculator in my brain has dead batteries... like my body clock.. which is why i get up way later than i should.. even with a real live alarm clock. SamBaMike plays an interesting game of ping pong. He pimps quite a ping pong dance with his soccer legs!! Watch him sometimes, its CNN SportsCenter worthy - note to self, must get the fancy foot action on video one day... hee hee

some other funny action today.. someone knocked on my door, on his way to mexico... apparently he had to pee and he needed his spare key.. the "story" of the missing keys could have gone on forever with elaborate schemes and story telling so i let it go. no need to listen to stories i've told myself at least a couple of times :-)

other wierd news.. apparently John Wayne was in a movie called The Conquer and played Genghis Khan... things you learn over a cup of italian creme soda.

i go back to enjoying a bowl of mama home cook goodness. love you peoples...

(pray for me)

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