Wednesday, January 14, 2004

an adventure with stones

Wednesday afternoon, a smiley face dropped by to spread some sunshine cheer and pee in my bathroom. We exchanged hugs, he got his spare key back, and he went on his merry way to Mexico. I lounged around my nearly clean apartment unaware i was booked with an express ticket to hell, on the red-eye.

5 am, I woke up to take a sip of water but notice that by golly, my tummy felt as if it were about to explode. I tried everything from a heat pack to a hot shower and nothing alleviated the pain of being carved up like stone mountain. I called daddy -- cause daddy can fix everything, if not, then he just sighs and says "well, Hieu" yells at me, then all is better. Anywho, I end up calling 9-1-1 to get an abulence to cart me to the ER. And it's just like on TV when they move you from the gurny to the ER bed: painfull. The wonderous ER people are not like they are on ER. I swear the one lady was pissed at me for being there. Another dood laughed cause I was soo doped up I thought he was my brother - and he informed me he was only 1/2 vietnamese. (looked like a whole person to me). I got a little bag of clear liquids that dripped into my arm and a couple doses of sleepy good pain-go-away goodness. A CAT scan revealed that I had kidney stones. Daddy showed up not to long after and he stayed by me and held my hand and sniffed my forhead (good-times). They carted me to a hotel room that I shared with somedear child who was in soo much more pain than me -- and I can only pray that she's out by now recovering. Most of my stay there before the dreaded operation consisted of my right arm being bruised every 15 minutes by the automated blood pressure machine. And the one time I was scared awake at 2am for a blood drawing. The operation aparently went well, I was knocked out for it, and woke up in considerably less pain. I was also blessed with Hospital food which resembled american-style-holiday goodness and a mystery bag. This mystery bag had a huge bio-hazard symbol and lots of words which my eyes quickly blurred. Inside looked like a pair of cotton undies.... They were apparently *my* undies. 'Well!' I thought to myself... 'They were clean when I put them on just minutes before entering the ambulence. And now they're in a biohazard bag!' This really surprised me as my hospital bed was smeared with blood and wasn't cleaned off until I was lying on it and IT didn't have a biohazard bag.

And so now I'm home in my apartment that my daddy helped clean and furnish with much goodness like my new TV (hee hee) and toaster (hmmmmm yes) and really neat kitchen sponge holder and soap dispenser. I'm loving it. Borrowed the Family Guy DVD's and watched them while I rested my spasming muscles. It's all better. Now all I have to do is turn in a canister full of my pee and have them find out why I get stones. Apparently, Asians shouldn't have stones. Hrm....


It's one of the worse things to be involved in, especially when you're the proverbial string in the middle. This whole *thing* with my family is going to give me an ulcer.


Oh and by the way, this past sunday was my birthday. And it sucked. I spent it alone. Alone with a TV, but alone. Well Vivi was there. I shouldn't say "alone" but there is only so much he can listen to. And until I get the strength to hold him and clip his nails, we aren't hugging.


What is there to say about people.. Lets see, how's this.. They suRpriSe me!

and last but not least.. SamBas

My brother wears SamBas. *sniffle* I love you, man.

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