Wednesday, December 31, 2003

The Rundown of 2003 as suVived by Hieu

Flights taken: 5 (destinations: Austin, Atlanta, Dallas, Galveston, Washington DC)

Bus rides: 3 (destinations: student union, library, Houston)

Most unecessarily scary movie: Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Most coolest movie for coolness sake: Kill Bill Vol 1

Most awesomest movie: LOTR TT

Best purchase this year: pair of camo pants that will last me forever

Most worthless purchase: the mcdonalds meal i bought for the homeless guy who left before i could give it to him

Most expensive and probably won't use as much purchase: wireless network card

Most risque (according to oldSkool parental units): my tattoo

Times people stomped on my feelings to the point it was worth noting: 3

Times thrown out of a bar: 2

Books read: 2

Golf balls I hit that ended up hitting me in the head: 1

Best shopping incident: the $70 blankie we got for my mom for $49 (lady at the register mistyped)

Worst shopping incident: my McFishFillet that had x-tra tartar sauce instead of none.

Samba conversions: 2

I kept my newyears resolution for 2oo3 to not hate as much as i'd been hating. and i think i did good. this next year i dunno what my resolution should be.. when i come up with one, i'll let you know.

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