Friday, December 26, 2003

merry freakin' christmas

The Christmas Holiday was a little different this year. I came home to essentially a broken home. Mom and dad had divorced over a month and a half earlier. It was an eventuality that finally came to pass. It certainly made home-life a little odd. For one, the tension was still thick between the two, but it was of a different flavor. My brother and I actually did some talking, which was good for both of us I think. The little sister pulled out her Psychology 101 stuff and book-talked away mom and dad’s feelings for each other. Mom buys more groceries than the poor 25-year-old fridge can hold and I sit at home not wanting to go anywhere. Besides, there’s mucho good food to be had in the magical yummy food kitchen where my mom cooks. I keep checking my email for these fabled “e-mails” I was suppose to receive from a far off friend, but alas, it seems as if I have been forgotten. What’s new. Mom had the doctor re-prescribe me some more meds since I’m still feeling ill from the pre-finals illness I always tend to pick up. **ack** I’ve discovered the grapefruit flavored jelly belly bean.

Tomorrow, I’ll venture to Dallas somewhere and catch up with my old Austin friends and talk about fun stuff I’m sure. I hope the drive isn’t too long. Something about long drives reminds me of my drive to Lubbock. Lubbock has ruined my love for driving.

My grades were better this semester, so that’s one good thing. I kept my new years resolution to not hate so much – that was hard to do. I got some neat stuff for Christmas: a digital camera, cool clothes, sushi goodness, smell-goods, candles, and Stewie – my new Ti-Voyage200. I wasn’t able to get anyone anything this year, and that was a big downer. Another year or so and I can start giving again and shopping at Ikea.

I hope everyone else had a better holiday than I. Much love to you all.

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