Friday, December 19, 2003

a few last werds fer the year

2003 is just about over. More importantly, the semester is over. In fact it ended on Tuesday, but it felt like it was still going strong. Much like the feeling of flying through the windshield of an old taxi as it comes to a screeching halt at the stop sign that appeared from behind that tree branch. For some reason, I have the feeling it ended well -- or atleast as well as it could have. That either means I worked my ass off and I know it, or I have somehow become comfotable with the notion of mediocracy. Knowing how my parents raised me with the belt buckle end of my dad's belt, it's the former.

It's been a rough year. It started harsh, with a harsh 2nd semester at Tech. That semester ended badly, though I got a scholarship and a pair of SamBas. The people I played tennis with turned out to have issues with self acceptance, I disappeared from the team. The summer was even worse. I got trampled from all ends, but somehow managed to gain a friend - and hopefully a lasting friendship. This friend reminded me of what it was to have friends in a strange place. I think I helped her grow some too. So that part was good. I made my little phusters mad at me. But she gained a love of her life. School wise, it was like going down the Brazos the day after the 7 day torrential rains - I got **** shoved up my *** and took it like a bad little school girl in a japanese businessman's porno dream.

As one can imagine, I didn't expect this fall semester to go anybetter. I even checked what I call "the old man china logs" - basically chinese astrology- and all signs pointed to good. Com'mon, after the first 7 months what's wrong with a little horoscopin'. So far so good. So far.. I haven't made it home yet. So far this fall I've been to the ATL, Galveston, big D, and DC. Not to shabby. I got selected to panel the Collegiate Council for the Pet. Div. of my proffessional society. A guy made an effort to show some interest in me. And my phuditty and I are talking again. The semester killed me physically. I was just about dead twice this semester. Once in september and once just before finals. I love the wonder that is our student health center.

Funny story about that health center. I go in on Tuesday complaining of abdominal pain. So they treat me like a whore and want to test me for all kinds of STD's and pregnancies. I asked for them to please take a damn urine sample cause I'm dying, have a paper due, and I bet it has to do with my kidneys or the like. Sure enough I was right the nurse pointed out. So they prescribe me $88 worth of meds. ... Only for me to get sicker and want to go to the ER. Well they call me back the next day, "please call back, it's urgent". So I call, thinking she's going to say "your sample is telling us, that you have 3 days to live".. no no even worse: "the meds we prescribed you won't work cause you're immune to them per your urine sample. please come give us more money so we can give you something that will work". So I shell out another $60 of my dad's money. This and we don't have printers that print in our lab and the stupid athletes get their own building with new computers.

I got a new friend yesterday. I think I named him Stewie. It's my new TiVoyage200. Hopefully, we'll become good friends. I had MEPro installed and have been playing with it since. I even took it to dinner to show off to my friend. Speaking of friends, one of my friends has sorta adopted a little friend. Found out today his name is Willie. He's a beautiful blue russian grey colored socked kitty who's about 3 months old. He runs around my friends apt complex. He cuddled with me today and gave me some good kitty lovin. I miss having lots of kitties around me. I feel like a bad momma loving other kitties.

Nothing more to say. I guess I could update that the person I thought was a player proved to not be one.. but then all of the sudden proved to be one.. and I am highly confused. But such is the world of people. If we just all wore sambas, everything would be okay.

I guess that is all for now. I hope you all have a good holiday. I hope I have a good holiday. I'll see you again, dear reader, probably during the break.. or not. which ever. be good to each other.

-Tygriss the SamBaWarriorPrincess

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