Thursday, November 27, 2003

thank you all, very very much

the turkey holiday is a day to be helpful by taste testing food, to eat and eat and eat, to be lethargic, and to take up space between a love hungry puppy and the fireplace. the past few years i got to spend this awesome holiday with the xF out at his fam's. this year i spent it with jess and her family here in lubbock. they live outside the city limits.. the drive reminded me of the drives out to lampasas.. the openess, the doggies, the house in the middle of anywhere texas usa.. with the exception that it only took a fraction of the time. :-). there's something about good ole american familiness that makes this holiday special. i almost kinda wished i was out there with his fam though.. something familar you know?

i hope all you peeps out there had a good turkey day.. i know i did. i go see if i can muster up the warmth to travel to a tv to watch cartoons... you guys be good and be thankful for whatcha gotta be thankful for.. i'm thankful for all you guys.

luve you all,


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