Sunday, November 30, 2003


And it's no sacrifice

just a simple word

it's two hearts living

in two seperate worlds

but it's no sacrifice

no sacrifice

it's no sacrifice at all

On november 12 of this year, my parents untied the legal knot and finally put that tug-o-war to rest. I learned of this today and I shed my fair share of tears. I don't know why I cried at all. I knew it was coming. It was always around the corner, we just kept avoiding it by turning around other corners. I now officially come from a broken home. Living the American way of life. crap. crap. crAp.

I'm happy for them, hopefully they can both move on and find happiness in their lives.

I'm going to be gone for a while. I have to focus on the rest of this semester. I have to engineer my ass out of this hell hole. To all of you I haven't kept in touch with that keep in touch with me via my blog, I love you all.

We lose directoin

no stone unturned

no tears to damn you

when jealousy burns

cold cold heart

hard done by you

somehtings look better baby

just passing through.

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