Monday, November 3, 2003

no feel good

you know when you get into someone elses new car and they still have the airbag safety notice sticker still on the dash. well they start up the car right as you're reading it and it blurs for a second as the car does the vibrating thing and your eyes can't keep up? that instant in which the car is vibrating to the point where you can't read the words is how i feel inside.

i'm broken.

need fixing.

as a side note: if i wait things out, it usually ends up the way it should. it's the matter of waiting that i'm not good at. i'm impatient as Sadie noted. i hope the waiting thing works out for everything else.

another note: i went to church yesterday. i was even early enough to catch the rosary. it felt good.

last note, i promise: there are a few things i want to change about myself. ha good luck.

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