Monday, November 24, 2003


it's down to 23 degrees in Buttock's Land Texas and as i look out my window, i'm reminded of how far away from home i am. it used to be a decent 2.5 hour peaceful drive to the home cooked goodness. now it's a grueling, ass numbing, tear jearking drive through wilderness that i'm more than happy to make -- just not back.

i haven't kept in touch with home in a long long time. i'm a bad kid for not calling home more. i know if i do call i'll do one of two things: 1) lose my patience or 2) start crying for no reason.. why? cause i'm homesick.. and dad was here not too long ago.

dad's are great. i love my daddy. my daddy rocks... my daddy came to visit a while ago and we actually had a conversation that didn't involve school for once. we even went shopping together. he sent me a care package with bathsalts and vitamins... and today i got an email with a special picture that brought tears to my eyes and made me miss him.

i think what sucks and why i'm homesick is because i know that this semester will be disappointing yet again.. but if i were closer to home it wouldn't be -- and that's mostly due to me feeling better when i'm around people that i know love me and i them. and when i feel better i do better...

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