Monday, October 13, 2003

no longer coughing up lungs

Currently coughing up spleen and kidneys. Yup. Goodstuff. It would also seem that I spread the good luvin that has been my misery for the past two weeks to my best friend, one of my professors, and the blonde boy with pretty eyes.

cries in the night

I wish I could be there right now for an old friend who needs to have some good hieuy lovin. I want him to know that I will always be here for him until I can afford to be there for him. I pray that he realizes that it's the love of his friends that matter, and not some jacked up love of a meaningless piece of toe jam he thinks assigns his self worth.


They suck. They do mean things to me, and the side effect is that I should be getting better. But no. I'm taking one for my congestion. Which makes me not hungry so when I eat, tummy hurts. So I take a pink pill for the tummy and a vitamin cause I know I'm not getting what I should. Somewhere in there I'm also taking cranberry pills. The first pill also makes me jumpy and dehydrated, for which I drink a lot of water and take ibuprophen for the headache...So while I'm jumpy, I can't concentrate, so I take a ginseng pill to help out. I end up dry as a bone, and running miles upon miles and peeing every 5 minutes, and hacking up lots of internals.. Attractive huh?

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