Friday, September 19, 2003

you talkin' to me??

to the red-headed dirty baseball cap wearing testosterone poisioned hairy neanderthals in the green suburban: yeah i am that cute, i am that hot, and if you were men enough to stick up for your drunken words, you wouldn't have driven off so fast through the parking lot. what? you afraid of a little asian whoop-ass? thought so.

to the pancake powedered faced bimbo with the curly hair wig and touch-my-boobies-please shirt: so you work here. don't mean you can pretend i'm not in front of you. your heels may make you taller than me, but like i said i will take you down - step off. good thing you thought to get out of my way.

to the fat chick in the tank top: you're not drunk, don't prentend to be so you can bump your ass into people.

to the man who thinks he can sing metallica's "nothing else matters": dear god -- NO.

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