Friday, September 19, 2003

i need to clean off my desk...

eerrr, lets see here:

1 1/2 drunken bottle of disani water

1 baked apple pie box from mc donalds

1 jumping gorilla toy

2 ace bandages with clippy things

1 dear-god-why-doesn't-he-answer-me letter

4 sobe caps

1 book of chinese proverbs

1 paper on a person's full potential i wrote in 6th grade

1 wad of cash

1 bottle of valarian - unopened

1 set of stanley screwdrivers

1 keroppi pencil box

1 hooters wet wipe from houston

1 hershey's milk chocolate wrapper

1 empty plastic container for 0.5 lead

1 rubber stamp with my name

1 post-it note with songs i need to download

1 snow globe with a unicorn - mom got it for me on a trip to atlanta

5 burned cd's with questionable material

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