Monday, July 14, 2003


Hmwk #5 was finished before 11pm today. That is a first. Ever. Ever, i tell you. Hmwk is never finished before sundown the day it's assigned and rarely by midnight. HAAA I feels soo good! Did most of the hmwk at the library with the guys today.. Learned about SwishyPants, the Hate/Hate relationship between these guys and SwishyPants. Met HooSaNe, a funny character. We talked about missing SamBaMike and his goodness. Saw a SamBaMike from the future walking around, we got a kick out of it.. Fro and SuitJacket - he was complete. I've learned that my Crouching Tiger Hidden Goodness is only worth about $2 to SanToshOus as he takes bets in the library.

So what to do this late at night? I'm boiling water to make me some noodoos (noodles) I crave noodoos for some reason. I had planned on seeing a movie tonight. I think I'll just eat and go to sleep and tackle tomorrow fully awake w/o the aid of caffiene.

First test in Heat Transfer on Wednesday.. If I no blog after Wednesday, assume i spontaneously combusted.. or my brain radiated out of my skull.. or.. yeah.. anyway..

HAAAA. I love me. Me love me.. I need sleeeep

Current tunes: Paul Oakenfold - Live @ Home in Ibiza

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