Sunday, July 13, 2003

Nothing really.....

Just airing out my brain. So I've been thinking and I think that the more I see, the less I want. I used to think that I wanted soo much out of my life - the good job, the big house, the perfect spouse, the this and the that. But really, I think I just want to get through the day, the week, and the semester. Planning for the all that goodness just makes the trip there boring - because it's gonna be a loooong ass trip. And what I've learned is that I'll run into things I don't expect and things will change. I notice that I also crave adventure. I could live the boring, no-go-no-where, life; but I'd rather not.

Women are strange creatures. They lie and are very good at it. They play these games, and they play them soo well. So very well it's hard to recognize that it's a game. We women always complain about how men play us.. But it's the other way around. Men do play, but their game is simple compared to ours. This is why most of my friends are guys. They're easier to understand. Women - I can't stand but about 4 of them that I've met in my life.

Speaking of annoying people. What is this with the Stalkers?!! Seriously, is this a new phad? Cause man is it ugly. And it's not just the guys who stalk, I'm talking about the women too. Dood. So much with the wrong.

Anyway, my taped lectures are calling me. I go back to them now. My brain cells are lonely and need to be stimulated.

You peeps take care.

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