Saturday, July 5, 2003


Mah peeps and I went to McKinzey Park to watch the fireworks last night. While we waited for an hour and a half for it to start, we played football with a cute 2 year old named Zack. He liked throwing the ball to the pretty girl (that's me) - he was even so bold as to grab the ball from between my legs! We also sat through "we're a ya-nited wees-texas, yeehaww" speeches and more charlie-brown like 'whaa-whaaaa-whaaa' sounding stuff. We found a great spot about 500 feet away from where they were shooting fireworks, laid in the dirt, and enjoyed the light show. It was badd ASS! We went and blew stuff up out in the country afterwards. Never done that before p bottle rockets, sunflowers, the little airplane looking things.. good stuff. Can't say that I would do it again though- I nearly got shot at with a Roman Candle. It was a welcome ending for a very boring day otherwise :-)

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