Friday, July 25, 2003

The fact that I left the exam yesterday smiling scares me. The last time I walked out smiling, it ended up being not so good. So I'm not saying anything other than, I came in late and I finished early!! Got home and made a couple of fonecalls then suggested to Amanda that she get her haircut. More than ecstatic at the idea, she picked me up and we went to see Carlos Estrada. Carlos helped me out in March with a baddass short haircut, that I'm now wearing long. I knew if he could make me look good in short hair, he can fix up Amanda's mop. Nearly two hours later And Voila! She walked out looking absolutely Faaaaaaah-boo-lus! Of course this meant she had to get good clothes to go with that haircut so we ventured to the mall where I found these... I've always had this thing for military clothing - it was big back when I was in high school. Now it's back, assuming due to the now trendy war we have going on. These *stores* were mocking me with thier $50-$70 pricetag for these skirts. Baah. But I found an even better military skirt for waaaaaay cheaper - it has Special Forces patches. So naaah. You abercrombie beeatches can have your sand crawlin camo fatigue skirts, mine's special forces!! I also enjoyed a night out with Amanda sans nutcases, wakjobs, and future stalkers. Yea Me!

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