Thursday, July 3, 2003


Saw T3 last night, and boy does AccckNald still look as good as ever!! yumm. The movie was pretty damn funny! Which is good, seeing as how I had to go home to a huge empty place and have this thing where after scary movies I keep thinking things are gonna pop out of the walls at me. Yeah.

with the Ugliness :-P

Speaking of scary, that reminds me of the ugliness I saw driving down the road day before yesterday. It was one of those PT Cruiser thingies.. with uh.. wood paneling stickums..people! Do you people not remember? Driving into your highschool parking lot with the ugliness, you sank in the drivers seat and waited for everyone else to get to class before you climbed out of the faux wood paneled Brady wagon.. And now you put this crap on your cruisers of all things?? people.. people..

Jammies Suggestion :-)

So I was bored mindless and asked Jammies for a suggestion on sprucing up my night life during the between school sessions. She says I should go pretend to be someone I'm not. So I did. I played waitress at Denny's! I've never waited tables in my life, and it was fun. I wouldn't do it again -- I got a $1 tip. Now, I know what it feels like to be underappreciated.

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