Sunday, June 8, 2003

Sharks and Angels

I've gone missing for the past few weeks, due to me hanging out with my new friend Winston. I've had the best three weeks of my life thus far, spending time with the Phoofers in A-town with the awesomest peeps, hanging with him making new friends here in Butt-town, and getting dressed up to hang out at awesome bars and parties and eating good homecooked food. Nothing could have been better. I've haven't felt this pretty in a long time. Everything happens for a reason though, so I've learned. And I am greatful that the good man upstairs brought me someone like Winston, an angel, into my life even though he's taking him out like this. The good man upstairs has perfect timing. He was what I needed to get my mind off of all the other crumbling pillars around me. In the short time I spent with him, he reminded me of the good things in life I've forgotten, and I'm greatful for the time I spent with him. Change is scary. I am not a big fan of change. But it's what keeps us beings going and growing. So here I grow again, guys. Thank you to everyone who's been here for me when I had my head under a boulder. I love you guys, Phoofers, Jammies, Seducious, SambaMike, and last but not least myAmanda.

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