Tuesday, June 24, 2003


Foofers and I believe that things happen for a reason. They really do. When I think things just suck metric bucket loads of ass, I hold out a little longer, and I learn that yeth, yeth indeed, there was a reason to the ugliness. The reason is always good. If it isn't, hold out a little longer, the reason for the not so goodness will end up being good. I have proof. Living breathing proof. Yup, tha's right. I saw it wif my own eyes. Have I said it recently? I have much luv for the foo. Also much luv for peeps like the SambaMike, the Samster, JW, BigZ.. and you's peeps, you's know who's you's are.


You guys know I have to say my piece on women. Cause I no likee the women-folk. The kind that have talk endlessly about their new "do" their "fashionable" ghetto glasses, and can't say a word to you without looking up and batting their clumpy eye-lashes. The ones that will actually announce to a crowd that they are "hot", but haven't looked at the moonpie they call their face. Yes it may seem harsh, and that I hate. But it's not hate.. It's actually humorous! So much so that some of us get together and have a good chuckle about it. So it isn't just me.

Spreading Ink

Tennis was good. Afterward me an Tash and Co went to the OBar for some Mich Ultra Light. I got shrimp and they got cheese sticks (what's up with Lubbock peeps and their cheese sticks?). It was here that I drew for her a tattoo.. It was shortly there after that she decided to get it. So we went to Inkflooence where I know good peeps were. They were closing so we's got turned away. I took them to the Big Boodha and it was here she got my latest creation poked into her lower back. *sigh* I tell you, to see your own creation being applied to someoneelses's skin permanently is quiet creepy. quiet. Going from bar-napkin to skin, hee hee, she'll have a story to tell her kids.


I had a scary dream last night and had hard time waking up. I couldn't tell where I was, it was one of those dreams where I wanted to wake up but I couldn't. And I couldn't breathe either. As if my breathing was regulated by something else but my brain. I couldn't tell if I was at home, at Samsters, the BigZ's, or Win's.. the scenery kept changeing as I woke up. And W was in the dream to, but it wasn't him. It was very odd. Unexpected. Much like his whole exsistence.

True Love

Exists. I've seen it. I've had it. I've seen it in mah peeps. It's there.

C'mon! Sing with me

Sing for the year

Sing for the laughter

sing for the tear

Sing it with me

Just for today

Maybe tomorrow

The good Lord will take you away...

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