Monday, June 16, 2003


Never ever ever, if you can avoid it, fly American Airlines. I made it to DFW just fine, getting out of there to Atlanta... another story. My flight left late and I had to go through 4 flights before I found one to get me there. 12 hours after I first took off, I made it to Atlanta and missed a day of the conference. It was all American's fault. Did they even offer to feed me? Ah no.

My org paid for me to stay here and get some valuable learning goodness and to work with some awesome peeps. I learned that I do like working with a group of people - these guys rOCkeD !! Some of us went out for drinks and dinner Saturday night. Atlanta's Bucket Shop on Lenox was perfect! Great atmosphere and the food was better than expected - even though my ranch was watery, tasted funny, and was 10 minutes late. Other conference coolness I got to experience: subway ride, trying to scam the subway ride, tequila shots, trash talk, david running across the street - inebriated - with oncoming traffic, my own king size bed, the hugest coke sign ever, portobello sandwich, and a free laser pointer!!

Now I'm back, wished my dad his hallmark sponsored day yesterday and catchin' up on hmwk. Eugh. Glad to be back in the land of the flat.

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