Friday, June 27, 2003

haa haa

Between 4-6am on Thursday we got some hideous rain. It was soo bad that I woke up shortly after dropping off an hour earlier thinking that my building was being demolished. The tree outside my window was banging against the window pane, I swear it was asking if it could come join me in my warm cozy abode. About 20 minutes later I heard what sounded like marbles banging dropping by the metric ass load on the roof so I went to check out the window. I was shocked to see what I thought were people, floating down 4th Street!!! On closer inspection it was just a whole bunch of pylons. *whew* Here I was thinking I should call Nuff Uhh Uhh!

beware the instant message

Years on the web has got me good at finding things that I normally don't bother with. So I looked up my bud's im screen name, and then looked up any references to it with good ole google... And this is what I found!! (From 6/29/01) I couldn't stop laughing!! Poor Winnie the Pooh. Probably meant as a prank, but I'm sure he didn't know it - LOL!

Denny Goodness and Not so Goodness

I went back to my spot last night. Stayed until 5:30 this morning. Good stuff. Met a new waitstaff, Angel. Quiet the bomb I must say. Very awesome with a great sense of humor. I must be lucky to meet such awesome people at the Ghettoest Denny's in West Texas. I say ghetto cause at the next table there was a drunk baStard who was showing off his Lubbock County Tattoo's. Seriously, not something I would be very proud to show of. Especially when he started describing how he got ink - mostly the dark crud under the urinal. Yeah very not appetizing.


Picked up the Celestine Prophecies. Reading now.. Well when I'm done blogging.

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