Thursday, May 1, 2003


I like being female, but I dislike them in general. Women are deceitful, two faced, and are quite hypocritical. Men on the other hand are easy to read. There's not really that much to read. And I feel sorry for the ones that have to live and deal with Women on a daily basis. Women are like oinions, there are layers upon layers of ugly stinkiness. Deep down inside, they're just the same as they are on the outside, but on a smaller scale. It doesn't get any better the deeper you go. It's true. You know it's true. So what about me? I'm a girl. Simple. To the point, and without excessive idiotic "oh what do i do, love me, cater to me" drama. There is nothing Womany about me.

I let the bitches and the bastards be (there are some bastardly men, only because they've been jaded by Women) my life is too much fun to have them be involved.

The samBaWarriorprinCess signs off for tonight.

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