Friday, May 9, 2003

Playin Ketchup

So I've had a little bit to blog over the last week, but I hadn't because I've been camped out at my new study joint - and I've been busy. Skipping to the good stuff, here we go:

Sweet/Sour - Sweet and sour sauce is neither sweet nor sour, its a rather odd goopy gelatenous dipping sauce for fried chinese goodness. Which is funny if you think about it. I see the chinese as inventing fried fingerfoods as much as they invented the pizza.

Weak Days - D's was back to it's norm. It wasn't hit by the post prom crowd like it was a couple nights previous. It was fairly uneventful until the influx of peoples which caused Mike's sad waitress to sigh the poopie word. We talked about Dr. L and his notebooks, and how they came over to the department, shortly after the Ark. Great songs played over XFM and we talked about how no matter how large our mp3 collection got, we'd never beable to play such great sets.

Dead Days - Yeah, so we're having dead days. Lovely. If I'm lucky this semester I'll break even.

Pho - I really need some. And mom said I could go get some.. So now I go.

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