Friday, May 9, 2003

the Midnight RodEo

I seriously need to backBlog the backlog, but before I do, I need to share this one little tid bit with the world....

Tonight, I experienced this thing they called country music. I have witnessed these people dancing in a circle, doing this thing they call the two step.. the cotton-eyed-Joe, the Bunny-hop, and watching the white-person's dance to the popular dance/rap music of the day, and many such oddities of the country variety. AMaZinG I must say..AbsoFreakIngLuteLy AmaZing - Soo much to experience in one night!! They even had 25 cent drinks, of which I spent $2.75. not too bad on my personal fav - rUm and coKe. The cover was a good pocket wrencher though, so they got their $ out of me. Even more amazing: I was taught this thing they call the 2-step, by a real live cowboy! The saMbawaRRiorprinCess actually danced country! I may as well have bungie jumped! woooooooo.. aight. Enough for tonight. BackBloGGing tomorrow. night all.

The samBaWarriorprinCess signs off.

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