Monday, May 12, 2003

Love is, what I got

Mom tried to get me today with the "I waited for you to call for mother's day, didn't hear from you, how are you". Last time I called for mother's day she said, "Everyday is mother's day". So today I answered her with, "Well okay, mom, happy mother's day, but you know...Everyday is mother's day". All these conversations always end with "All I want is for you to get all A's and a degree." Most mom's are ecstatic to get Hallmark cards. Mine wants me to get a degree. No, there's no stress in my life whatsoever.

Literatim wrote a great thank you to his buddies, something I also need to do at some point. I will. I will. I got the love.. I also got to sleep.

"well, life is too short so love the one you got

'cuz you might get run over or ya might get shot"

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