Saturday, May 31, 2003


Summer school started yesterday. 8am classes, eugh. I got professor "AaaallBeBaaack" for DiffEQ who happens to be pretty badd ass. He's no Dr. Lawrence, but he'll do!! It's only 5 weeks. AAH! 5 Weeks! CRaP! And yes I've noticed that cuss wordages have entered into my vocab as of recently. This is the doing of my new friend who inserts cuss words here and there quite often. I'm soo impressionable, it's really pretty sad. I don't think I'll ever grow up. If I'm like this after 28 years, I have no hope of growing up.

This summer session reminds me of last fall, I don't know anyone around me and have to make new friends again. I guess that's good, I'll end up with more friends - but as you guys know, I hate people. Not a people person here. Not at all. Yup. Heee, people - I see the beauty in them, when there's no one around. Not to say I don't love my buds, I love you doods. Everyone else can kiss my arse.

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